Digging Tools and Shovels that Make Gardening Easier

Gardening should not be a grueling, backbreaking task that you never look forward to. When you use the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. Your garden work can become rewarding and time-efficient when you use the right tools, those that require the least effort on your part while producing the results you desire. Check out these versatile digging tools and shovels that make your gardening life easier, blister and pain-free, as well as more productive. That means more time admiring your garden than working on it.

Silverline 239586 Irish Shovel, 1620 mm
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Silverline Irish Shovel

Silverline is a company which specialises in ethically manufactured products across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. By angling the surface area on your shovel mouth, this innovative garden tool reduces your digging effort by up to 80%. Unlike cheap “off-the-shelf” shovels, the blade sharper point helps to ease the blade into the ground. This efficient digging tool works in soil and rocks, and is a long 59 inches in length.

The Silverline 239586 Irish Shovel also includes sturdy foot supports for powering through difficult terrain. This weather resistant garden shovel is made of long-lasting varnished wood so it will never feel heavy in your hands at 2.117kg or 4.6lb. A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects is just one of many back-saving and time-efficient features that have earned this product a very respectable 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 rating for customer satisfaction on Amazon.

Quality Contractors Digging Fork with Fibre Handle

For mulching, shovelling wood chips or cleaning out barn stalls, the Quality Contractors Digging Fork with Fibre Handle is the perfect tool. With four tines and an overall length of 1050mm or 41.33″, this durable D-grip digging and spading fork can fit a number of garden work and gardening needs.

 Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon Steel Border Spade

The Spear and Jackson neverbend carbon steel border spade is perfect for cutting trenches, edging, digging and penetrating thick turf. Accompanied by an accessible price tag, this spade has a powder coated steel head and shaft that resists rust. This makes for easy clean-up, with an extra-wide, curved D-grip handle that improves leverage and power.

The heavy-duty steel blade is a welded 14 gauge construction. Along with the 18 gauge steel shaft, this means that no matter what gardening are garden work duties you perform, this versatile digging tool will not flex like fibreglass, and will be going strong long after your wooden shovels have broken. The Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon Steel Border Spade consistently ranks as one of the highest rated shovels on Amazon for customer satisfaction, and the budget-friendly price tag doesn’t hurt either.