Protecting Your Hands In the Garden

There is not a whole lot you do in the garden without your hands. Whether you are simply pulling weeds, planting seeds or fertilising the lawn, your hands are involved. Even a riding mower needs to be steered. That unfortunately means that your hands are at a greater risk of injury than most other parts of your body. Aside from keeping focused on your gardening activities and wearing gloves, there are a few other ways to keep your hands healthy and injury-free when you are handling your yard work.

Ergonomic Hand Gardening Tool Sets

Kingstar is one company known for making smart gardening products. Their 4 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set definitely qualifies for that description. Included are a gardening lawn fork, hand trowel, cultivator and transplanter. The transplanter includes convenient gradation marks that allow you to transplant small flowers and plants easily and quickly. Contoured handles, ergonomically designed to produce less fatigue in your wrists and hands, have special pads placed on the ends to maximise your leverage, and soft padding produces fewer blisters.

Quality Pruning Shears

One way to take care of your hands is to let your gardening tools do all of the work. Just like the 4 piece hand gardening set we just mentioned, the Spear and Jackson Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears and Anvil Secateurs contain features that cut down on the amount of wear and tear your hands take.

The traditional Bypass Pruning Shears are best used on smaller, living stems. The Anvil Secateurs are for when you have to prune bigger or dead “woody” stems. This means that your tools do most of the work, and your blade does not get gummed up. Drop forged blades can be resharpened for an extended lifetime of use. Non-slip handles compliment the heavy duty nature of these tools..

Protecting Your Children

Your kids love joining you in the garden but they can be so focused on having fun that they may not take the time to worry about possibly injuring themselves. The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Be Good to Bugs Gripping Gloves are a multicoloured way to make your children look forward to helping you with your work.

Popular Sunny Patch characters are familiar to your children, and special gripping surfaces making weed pulling easy for little hands. The best part? These washable cotton gloves protect your child’s hands, while easy cleanup means hand washing and hanging to dry.


Do not forget the importance of protection from the sun. Your hands and arms benefit from sunscreen, gloves and long sleeved shirts. Choose your gardening hand tools carefully. Check to see that the manufacturer has taken care to design them to minimise pressure and fatigue on your wrists and fingers. Also, don’t forget to keep water handy. Your hands, knees and the rest of your body benefit from the proper oxygen flow delivered by a properly hydrated body.