Protecting Your Knees When You Garden

If you love getting out in your garden and digging in the dirt, your knees may show it. So much garden work requires bending your knees and kneeling down. Scratches and bandages on your knees can be unattractive at best, and unhealthy at worst. Prolonged abuse to your knees can lead to negative long-term problems, and an increased risk of falling, both indoors and out.

Long Trousers, Knee Pads and Sun Screen

To keep your knees safe from injury when you are weeding, planting flowers or cutting your grass, wear long trousers. If it is hot outside and you prefer to wear shorts, pick up a pair of knee pads and keep your legs protected with sun block. There are also certain products which are made specifically for gardening that help keep your knees free of scrapes and bruises. One such item is the Ohuhu Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat.

This lightweight but sturdy portable seat can support up to 330lb or 150kg. You can also flip it upside down, supporting and protecting your knees when you kneel on the ground. This is also a wonderful idea if you want to keep your trousers safe from hard to clean dirt and grass stains. At just 2.6kg or 5.73lbs and carrying a 1 year warranty, the Ohuhu Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat is an inexpensively priced gardening “must have” which carries an exceptionally high customer satisfaction rating from previous purchasers. You will also get a garden tool pouch as a free bonus.

Accessorize Your Garden Kneeler with Pouches

To make this handy knee-saver even more versatile, Esschert has designed the Garden Tool Pouch. This product works with any garden kneeler, providing 5 pockets and pouches made of durable, poly-cotton. This means your tools, seeds, gloves and other gardening essentials are always right at hand.

If you have been gardening for any amount of time at all, you have invariably knelt on a gardening hand shovel or hoe. That can leave a nasty cut that can quickly become infected when it comes into contact with dirt and outdoor airborne elements. Garden kneelers and compatible accessory pouches provide low-cost solutions to protecting your clothing and your knees. They are lightweight and portable, versatile and affordable gardening accessories.


By keeping sunblock, gardening tools, your keys and bottled water conveniently and safely located within easy reach away from your knees, garden kneeler tool pouches insure you never have to bend and stretch to reach the items you need. Garden kneelers with accessory pouches, long trousers and knee pads all help protect your knees from the long list of possible injuries you can suffer when gardening.